Our line of sight chooses an area of concentrated brightness and, focusing there, silently descends to it—a sea of neon colours. (After Dark, Ch.1) in Shibuya, Feb/28/2020

This is a fan site dedicated to Haruki Murakami and created by a Tokyo local.

After the spread of the coronavirus, the travel around the world becomes not like that before the pandemic. During the lockdown, I wondered if the people in any other parts of the world may try to extend their imagination on the overseas sceneries.

Reading experience gives memorable moments as well as a catalyst to help readers get into the unexpected world without physical relocation.

Haruki Murakami is one of such authors who generate magic blurring the boundary between fiction and realities. Besides surreal aspects, his stories are with super-realism to depict the people and sceneries that gives a similar feeling that the travel experience gives.

Born 15 years after him in Tokyo, I spent my life in the time and places that he set in his novels. When I read his novels, I often feel as if the author was at the same bar counter and shared the same sceneries and conversation in Tokyo.

I created this website to share my thought and feeling on him and his novels, as well as some sceneries and trivial knowledge that a local fan has.

Hope this helps you to extend your imagination over the novels at this difficult time, and wish the pandemic will go soon and the world open again.

July 2020, MK

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  • Nam Vu says:


    I have not read Haruki’s work, but I trained with him for a couple of years for marathon race in Honolulu. I heard that there might have been a reference about a running partner/group that might have been mentioned in one of his books. This would have been after 2007. Do you know of any reference to this?

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