Countdown for Killing Commendatore

February 24, 2017 By mk

The “countdown” of launching the sale of Killing Commendatore reminded me of the expression of advanced capitalism in Dance Dance Dance.

Sanseido, one of the largest book stores in Tokyo, temporary changed its name to “Murakami Haruki Do” and started to sell “Killing Commendatore” at sharp midnight.

Last night, I was at one of the bookstores hosted the “countdown” at sharp midnight. It looked that the craze was made mainly by the TV crews and quite a number of the people, including myself, in the queue just wanted to buy the books, and apparently tried to avoid being in the camera’s view.

When the TV camera turned to us, we turned back to the other side as if we had prior consent; it was impressive scenery and reminded me of a passage in the Norwegian Wood;

“O.K., let’s compromise,” I said. “Do your exercises but cut out the jumping part.” (Norwegian Wood, Ch.2)

Anyway, I had read the first seven chapters and left the rest for tonight’s read. Hope its translation will come up soon for the people awaiting it all over the world.

NIkkei newspaper reported how it went
Sanseido specially opened from 0:00 midnight to 1:00 AM and at 6:00 AM in the morning