New book: Abandoning A Cat

April 23, 2020 By mk

Murakami’s new book “Abandoning A Cat: What I Talk About When I Talk About My Father” was released today. The major part of the book was that published last year on the magazine, and The New Yorker translated;

In the afterword of the book, Murakami wrote: “If my father’s path had gone differently, I would not have existed. It is the history; the only unrelenting reality brought out of the infinite number of hypothesis.”

The restaurant Miu had made a reservation at was a ten-minute walk from the Omote Sando subway station. (Sputnik Sweetheart, Ch.3)

BTW, it was nice to buy a book at a physical bookstore, especially at which was loved by the author and located near the restaurant that Miu booked.

“On sale today” notice

Sanyodo bookstore is a lovely cozy shop beloved by the author