Kinokuniya celebrated the new book release

July 19, 2020 By mk

Yesterday, Kinokuniya Shinjuku celebrated the release of Murakami’s new book “The First Person Singular”.

During the state’s emergency period in April, bookstores were excluded from the shutdown list, as they were considered as essential facilities for our lives. However, the large bookstores like Kinokuniya voluntarily shut down themselves and offered small bookshops the way to survive in a difficult time. Hope the pandemic will go soon and you will come and see what the protagonists of Murakami novels experienced.

On the left bottom at the stool stand, it wrote; “Haruki Murakami’s new collection is out today!”
The recently published “The First Person Singular (center)”, “Abandoning a Cat (left bottom), are “Murakami Tee Book (right bottom)” are displayed for sale but the yellow tee shirt is for display only.
The new books are displayed every corner in the shop.
The taste of the book cover is with pretty different from the previous novels.
Kinokuniya Shinjuku was set in 1Q84 and Norwegian Wood.
Sanitizing liquid sprays are ready for use