Mont Blanc at Café Murakami

December 1, 2020 By mk

Dropped in Café Murakami, run by a traditional patisserie owned by Murakami family (no liaison to Haruki) in Kanazawa since 1911.

Café Murakami Cross Gate Brunch in Kanazawa

Its seasonal speciality was Mont Blanc cake; Sumire’s favourite in Sputnik Sweetheart. Although it was mentioned as a “usual slice of cake” in the English translation, it was specified as “Mont Blanc,” a cake of sweetened chestnut puree noodles on a sponge base, in the original text.

Sumire ordered her usual slice of cake along with her coffee… I folded my hands behind my head and watched Sumire as she slowly yet eagerly devoured her cake. (Sputnik Sweetheart, Ch.2)

Café Murakami Main Shop in Kanazawa
Kanazawa is 300km (186 miles) west of Tokyo

Originally from France, Mont Blanc cake is one of the most popular cakes in Japan, and two of the most excellent patisseries in Tokyo are in the southwest between the places mentioned in the novel.

I borrowed a friend’s Toyota minivan and transported her things over to her new place in Yoyogi-Uehara. (Sputnik Sweetheart, Ch.5)

One of them is Asterisque in Yoyogi Uehara where Sumire lived in.

Definitely worth the move. Yoyogi Park was nearby, and she could walk to work if the spirit moved her. (Sputnik Sweetheart, Ch.5)

Yoyogi Park, March 2018

The other is Mont Blanc Style, specialized in Mont Blanc cake. It is in Yoyogi Hachiman, between Yoyogi Uehara and Yoyogi Park. And it was also mentioned in 1Q84 as a place that Aomame lived in a company dorm.

Aomame went to live in the company dorm in Yoyogi Hachiman. (1Q84, Ch.13)

Many patisseries serve Mont Blanc cake over the country. It is worth trying as Sumire devoured.