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Murakami gave an interview on Jazz

October 9, 2020 By mk

On the Bungakukai Magazine (Nov. 2020), Murakami gave an interview on Stan Getz and Jazz. As always, he was very talkative and shared his knowledge with a twist of expression in the way that he did in his novels. He thought “this is what I have to do” and translated ”Stan Getz: A Life in […]

New essay: Abandoning a Cat

May 10, 2019 By mk

Today’s lunchtime read is “Abandoning a Cat: What I Talk About When I Talk About Father”; Murakami’s childhood memoir on cats and his family, especially his late father. It was just published this morning without notice on Bungeishunju (文藝春秋) magazine and filled with his family memories which have not been written before now. Its subtitle […]

New short stories on the magazine

July 18, 2018 By mk

Just finished lunch reads of Murakami’s new short novels recently published in the magazine; “On the stone pillow”, “Cream” and “Charlie Parker plays Bossa Nova”. Although the taste of the stories is what we expect to Murakami, I saw some turnaround in his literary style and was made to feel as if I was talking […]


January 11, 2018 By mk

Murakami’s essay appeared in recent Nikkei newspaper as he has finished the translation of all the seven novels of Raymond Thornton Chandler after 10 years since 2007. He wrote, “Many writers were influenced by Chandler, and followed his literary and lifestyle. Philip Marlow became not only a hero in his novels, but a symbol, lifestyle […]