New short stories on the Bungakukai magazine

July 10, 2019 By mk

Lunchtime reads of Murakami’s new short stories released this week: With the Beatles; Yakult Swallows Poems.

It is sometimes difficult for a 70 years old man to write his young days’ memories without annoying nostalgia for younger readers. However, Murakami did a good job (as always) by writing it with tracing the edge of fictional/true stories.

I believe English translation will be available soon. By then, reading the classic novel referred in one of the stories can be an option, in addition to listening to the Beatles’ famous album. Its English translation is included in the following book without spoiling your future reading experience.

Essential Essential Akutagawa: Rashomon, Hell Screen, Cogwheels, a Fool’s Life and Other Short Fiction Paperback

Have a great day.