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Picture books translated by Murakami

January 17, 2023 By murakamiclub

From the early part of his career, Haruki Murakami has been known for translating many novels into Japanese, including those by Fitzgerald and Salinger. At the same time, he has also translated picture books and has published 17 translated picture books, 13 by Chris Van Allsburg. Allsburg’s creative universe is full of strange and enchanting […]

Murakami’s interview in the newspaper

January 16, 2023 By murakamiclub

An interview with Haruki Murakami was published in today’s Mainichi Shimbun evening edition. In talking about his book ‘More, My Good Old Classical Records‘, published at the end of last year, he expressed his love for records in Murakami-esque way. “I like records because I can see the process. There are physical grooves, aren’t there? […]

Murakami in 2022

December 31, 2022 By mk

Here is a list of topics on Haruki Murakami in 2022. Murakami Radio is On This year, Murakami Radio, the radio show hosted by Murakami, continued to be broadcast with a total of 14 on air. ‘Murakami Radio Special Edition: Music to Stop the War’, broadcasted on 18 March, a month after Russia invaded Ukraine, […]

The Sheep Man’s Christmas

December 24, 2022 By mk

The Sheep Man’s Christmas is a picture book by Haruki Murakami, published in Japan in 1985. The illustrations are by Maki Sasaki, who drew the cover illustrations for Hear the Wind Sing (1979), Pinball in 1973 (1980), Wild Sheep Chase (1982) and A Perfect Day for Kangaroos (1983). Murakami was a fan of Sasaki’s illustrations […]

Murakami goes to Wellesley

December 16, 2022 By mk

According to a recent interview, Murakami has been invited to stay at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, USA, from January to May 2023. During his stay, Murakami may give lectures and seminars at the college. He is looking forward to his stay; in addition to his life at the college, one of his pleasures is eating […]

Murakami in 2021

December 31, 2021 By mk

Today is the last day of the year 2021. As a Haruki Murakami fan living in Japan, I have compiled a list of topics related to him that I have seen this year. Mizumaru Anzai Retrospective Exhibition From 24 April to 20 September 2021, the exhibition of Mizumaru Anzai (1942-2014), Murakami’s best friend and highly […]

Murakami’s Jazz Bar

August 4, 2021 By mk

Murakami’s novels are known for their surrealism. Still, this surrealism does not exist independently but is further enhanced by the reality of the scenes and place names detailed in his novels. From the point of view of a local Tokyo resident who experienced the period in which the novel is set, the scenery and the […]

Thoughts on controversial depictions in Murakami’s novel

March 25, 2021 By mk

I know that some people do not like Murakami’s work because of the sexual scenes and the way the characters (especially the female characters) are portrayed. It is the same in his home country, and some people do not buy his novels for the same reason. However, few people criticise a novelist, whereas politicians and […]