For audiophiles

December 22, 2019 By mk

In the recent issue of Switch magazine, Murakami gave an interview on his sound system.

Switch Vol.37, no.12

Currently, he has JBL and Tannoy speaker systems and said, “I listen to Jazz with the JBL. While the Tannoy sounds better in the morning when I listen to the classical chamber, baroque and piano music.”

Chamber music filtered out of the solid, British-made walnut speakers. Hoshino was the only customer. (Kafka on the Shore, Ch. 34)

His preference reflected in the scene in the Kafka on the Shore. (note: Tannoy is British speaker brand)

He also mentioned the first stereo system he bought when he was a high school student. It may draw the interest of the audiophiles in this group.

– Vacuum tube stereo pre-main amplifier: Trio; W45 (20×2)
– Speakers: Richard Allan; New Golden 8T
– Turntable: Neat (rim drive)
– Tonearm: Fidelity Research
– Phono Cartridge: Satin
– Wooden turntable case: DIY
– Pin plugs: DIY

Wishing you happy holidays.