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Murakami goes to Wellesley

December 16, 2022 By mk

According to a recent interview, Murakami has been invited to stay at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, USA, from January to May 2023. During his stay, Murakami may give lectures and seminars at the college.

He is looking forward to his stay; in addition to his life at the college, one of his pleasures is eating Dunkin’ Donuts (which was withdrawn from Japan in 1998). He always buys doughnuts at Dunkin’ Donuts stand in the baggage claim area at Logan Airport.

If you live in Boston, Samuel Adams draft beer (Summer Ale) and Dunkin’ Donuts are essentials of life. But I discovered to my delight that even these indulgences can be offset by persistent exercise.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Haruki Murakami

He still runs with his old iPod, listening to music on wired headphones. He says: ‘Life is a vain thing when you’re so occupied with charging and keeping track of passwords.’

Anyway, congratulations to the students at Wellesley! You will have a memorable opportunity to attend his class.