Udon Hoshino

September 3, 2018 By mk

During lunchtime at the Udon restaurant named Hoshino, the conversation with Nakata was reminded: Nakata methodically enjoyed each and every noodle. “This udon is delicious,” he said. “Glad you like it,” Hoshino said.– Kafka on the Shore (Ch. 24). Hoshino1-11-2 Nihombashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022

Hokkaido scenery

August 18, 2018 By mk

For those tiring of the summer heat, watching winter scenery of Hokkaido on touring A Wild Sheep Chase places may work.

The Moment he Became a Novelist happened at Jingu Sadium

July 31, 2018 By mk

Went to Jingu Stadium for the baseball game of Tokyo Yakult Swallows against Hiroshima Carp. This is where Murakami got a revelation to become a novelist. Besides that, it is a great place to be in a summer night. In 1978, when Murakami attended a baseball game for Yakult Swallows against Hiroshima Carp at Jingu […]

New short stories on the magazine

July 18, 2018 By mk

Just finished lunch reads of Murakami’s new short novels recently published in the magazine; “On the stone pillow”, “Cream” and “Charlie Parker plays Bossa Nova”. Although the taste of the stories is what we expect to Murakami, I saw some turnaround in his literary style and was made to feel as if I was talking […]

Eel is quite a treat

July 15, 2018 By mk

This time of the year, grilled eel reminds me of what Nakata stated; “Eel is quite a treat. There’s something different about it, compared to other food. Certain foods can take the place of others, but as far as I know, nothing can take the place of eel.” (Kafka on the Shore, Ch.6)


January 11, 2018 By mk

Murakami’s essay appeared in recent Nikkei newspaper as he has finished the translation of all the seven novels of Raymond Thornton Chandler after 10 years since 2007. He wrote, “Many writers were influenced by Chandler, and followed his literary and lifestyle. Philip Marlow became not only a hero in his novels, but a symbol, lifestyle […]

100% Perfect Girl

September 13, 2017 By mk

How about reading “100% Perfect Girl” as a prequel story of 1Q84 depicting a chance meeting of Tengo and Aomame in 1981? “This giant book, however, grew from the tiniest of seeds. According to Murakami, “1Q84” is just an amplification of one of his most popular short stories, “On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One […]

The secret files of Miss Saeki

September 13, 2017 By mk

Did any of you happen to imagine what was written in the burned secret files of Miss Saeki in Kafka on the shore? “Nakata understands,” he said, nodding seriously. “If that’s what you’d like, Miss Saeki, I’ll be happy to burn it all up for you. You can rest assured.” (Kafka on the Shore, Ch.42) […]

Interview book: An owl flies at the twilight dusk

June 13, 2017 By mk

Reread the latest Murakami book released in this April; An owl flies at the twilight dusk; Haruki Murakami interviewed by Mieko Kawakami. Mieko Kawakami is a singer, as well as a renowned author, awarded Akutagawa Prize in 2007. I like the book as it is not an ordinary interview but a constructive discussion between creative […]

Countdown for Killing Commendatore

February 24, 2017 By mk

The “countdown” of launching the sale of Killing Commendatore reminded me of the expression of advanced capitalism in Dance Dance Dance. Last night, I was at one of the bookstores hosted the “countdown” at sharp midnight. It looked that the craze was made mainly by the TV crews and quite a number of the people, […]